International Music Publishing Summer School

Qualification and Professionalization for International Music Publishing

The curriculum of the International Music Publishing Summer School combines necessary information on an international level with specialist knowledge in international music publishing. With a duration of 8 weeks (starting on September 22, 2020) we would like to offer you two seminars a week online, which deal with different topics with current relevance.  

Accompanied by online networking activities and (optional) alumni meetings during festivals like Reeperbahn Festival 2020, these courses will give people already active in the music publishing sector the opportunity of receiving targeted training, practical tips and networking with an international focus.

The International Music Publishing Summer School starts on September 22, 2020, with a duration of 8 weeks and two seminars per week.  All courses are held in English. You find the schedule here.



  • Introduction International Music Publishing

  • Market overview & current trends

  • Digital licensing

  • EU copyright law

  • Basics of collecting societies

  • CMOs and Administration across Europe

  • International income tracking

  • Publishing contracts

  • Creative Publishing

  • Music Supervision I: Key terms & structures

  • Music Supervision II: Music for films & TV

  • Sub-publishing

  • Future of Music Publishing

Setting up the curriculum and selecting trainers and participants will be counselled by international industry experts. The Board of Trustees covers several fields of activity in order to ensure a comprehensive range of knowledge and balanced seminar content.

The international trainers are active in the industry and proven specialists in their subject fields. They are aware of current trends and challenges of the music business.

Board of Trustees:



Application for the International Music Publishing Summer School requires a CV and a letter of motivation.

Participants will be selected by an international board composed of curators who are sector experts.

The seminar fee includes participation in the whole programme of the International Music Publishing Summer School.

Regular fee: 150,- € plus VAT

If you are interested in our programme please contact us directly via e-mail.